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We believe the rights and responsibilities associated with family relationships are among the most sacred in both our society and our personal lives. We are committed to protecting what our clients value the most.

For over two decades, our firm has established a legacy of success in navigating our clients through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Our family and divorce practice is recognized as among the best in the State and is uniquely qualified to manage every phase of a family law case. Due to the depth of talent, our clients are able to work with a family law attorney who is best suited to aid with their particular legal issues.

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In the life of a family, there are often a few very important advisers for matters beyond the scope of our own training and understanding. Your family doctor is one. They keep you and your family well. Your accountant takes care of your financial matters, sometimes alongside your financial adviser. Sometimes the most important one, though, is the family attorney. Family Law touches the most important parts of your emotional life, your relationships, and your children. If you are disabled, or injured at work, the worry of taking care of those most precious things in your life can take a toll. Having a relationship with a quality Family Law and Disability local firm that provide peace of mind can be extremely important in times like those.

At Family Lawyers Colorado Springs – Disability, we believe that your family, health, and well-being are some of the most important rights you have. Local lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO, we know the community, the traits that make it unique, and how we can best serve you and the community. Assisting you with divorce, child support and custody, father’s rights and parental responsibilities, military divorce issues, and disability all we do. There are many law firms in Colorado Springs, but we are the only ones with the expertise and experience to handle these issues for you and your family in an economical, efficient, and understanding manner.

When you need an attorney in Colorado Springs, CO, you should ask questions and feel them out. We welcome that during our free consultations about your needs. We think that a good working relationship based on mutual respect is important to the best outcome for your situation. Please feel free to ask questions and explain your special circumstances. We will listen and suggest the most effective and efficient way to work to achieve the goals.

Sadly, divorce litigation, or dissolution as it is referred to in Colorado, is a sizeable part of our caseload. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state that strongly believes in parental rights for both parties involved and protecting the child(ren) involved as much as possible.  Our region hosts outstanding military facilities, and when you research military divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, you will learn we top the list in handling the special circumstances of military personnel facing this challenging circumstance. As in all divorce proceedings, we are also top lawyers Colorado Springs has to offer in handling military family matters

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Many times Colorado Springs family lawyers like Patricia Perello are consulted to handle child custody and child support cases. Colorado has a strict legal base geared at protecting children as well as parents to insure that what is in the best interest of the child is protected, and that parents are given the opportunity to share equally in their parental responsibilities. Our firm prides itself in arranging mediation if necessary, and preparing a fair and equitable agreement both parties can abide by while giving the child the best possible contact and support from both parents. When the time arrives for help and you are checking child support lawyers in Colorado Springs, Family Lawyers Colorado Springs will come up in referrals and comments about courteous free consultations and economical fees in handling such matters.

Not all attorneys in Colorado Springs specialize, they are generalists. While general law is good in many situations, when you are dealing with family matters or your own health and workplace injuries, a firm like Family Lawyers Colorado Springs, that does nothing but Family Law and Disability should be your first choice. We know the court system and how to prepare briefs, interviews and notes that will work well with the judge assigned to your case in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) hearings, since one of only two hearing regions for applications appeals is located in Colorado Springs. Disability is a detailed and precise process with challenging situations you may find yourself facing, and navigating the applications and subsequent appeals processes is not something a layman should try and handle alone. Talk to our firm for a free consultation about your situation to see if you need an attorney in Colorado Springs to take on the case to get you the care, compensation, and issue resolve you need.

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Our firm has provided Colorado Springs with first-rate family law services for years. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and our clients.


Family Lawyers Colorado Springs offers comprehensive counsel in both traditional, military, complex family law matters. We are well equipped with the experience and insight to successfully resolve our client's cases.


It is our goal to achieve the best possible results for our clients, while at the same time delivering world-class personal service. We are committed to providing compassionate, responsive, and proactive representation. For added convenience, we offer same-day consultations, phone consultations, and videoconferencing.

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 Attorneys in Colorado Springs often are not Colorado Springs locals. A lot of firms have offices in the area with visiting attorneys that come in for appointments. They are not acquainted with the local courts, the local judges, or our local community. Using a big firm tends to make you a number, not a name. While they may be able to handle your case, they most likely will not take the time to know you as a person, or know how regional issues affect your family, health, or employment. When you hire a lawyer Colorado Springs trusts, knows, works with on a regular basis like Patricia Perello, you are hiring someone with your best interest and knowledge of the area on your side. 

Attorneys Colorado Springs knows and trust are those that are involved in their community. We are locals, and we are very proud of the beautiful, unique Pike’s Peak region we are blessed to live in. Our kids go to local schools, we are part of local organizations, fundraisers, and events. We work hard at Family Lawyers Colorado Springs to keep a watchful eye on community happenings, business and economic growth, and changes at government offices and institutions. Our local knowledge helps us to advise you correctly about your case, knowing how those issues might affect your outcomes. We are proud to be part of Colorado Springs and a local lawyer Colorado Springs, CO knows long term as neighbors and trusts as advisers.

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Cost often deters some people from seeking legal advice, especially in a rural location like Colorado Springs. We understand that at Family Lawyers Colorado Springs. That is why when you need an attorney Colorado Springs, CO knows and trusts, someone who knows the local courts, judges, and issues, you need to contact us. We understand that expenses in family law matters really add up, whether it is a divorce, child support or custody agreement, military divorce, or SSDI appeal. That is why our initial consultations are free. We want you to know if you need an attorney, if there is validity to your claim or case, and how to proceed. We believe in fair, economical legal care for anyone needing assistance in south central Colorado.

Life is not always fair, or pretty. Sometimes you need advice, expertise, or protection for your interests and those of your children. Hiring an out of town law firm that just has an office, and is not local, not available when you need, and is on their schedule, might suffice, but is not establishing a relationship. Family Law and Disability matters are usually emotional, and close to the heart. They deal with your wellness, both emotionally and physically. They touch the lives, sometimes for many years to come, of your children. It is important to establish a relationship with a legal adviser you come to know and trust with intimate details of your life. That is not something an out of town firm can do for you.

When you search for and find a family attorney Colorado Springs trusts with their family matters, children, well being and health, you can breathe easier knowing a local legal firm that truly cares and is part of the same community you love and trust is looking out for your best interests. Our initial consultations are always free, and we will take the time necessary to learn what your issue is, and advise the process, potential outcomes, ramifications, and costs of what you need help with. At Family Lawyers Colorado Springs we believe in building strong relationships with our clients at a price they can afford. We work to protect the most precious things in your world – your family, your children, your health, and your well being at your place of employment. We provide fair, equitable treatment for every client, each and every time, in an environment where you know your attorney is also your neighbor. Family Lawyers Colorado Springs – Disability, your family attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO.

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