Adoption Attorney Colorado Springs

Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the life of a family. It can also prove one of the most challenging, and at times patience trying, as those involved have to navigate state law and the family court system.  When you need experienced, sensitive and thorough adoption assistance, call an experienced adoption attorney Colorado Springs trusts at Family Lawyers Colorado Springs. We know the ins and outs of adoptions, which are detailed, time consuming, and need to be navigated carefully and precisely to achieve positive outcomes for both the child and the new parent(s).

Adoption Lawyers Colorado Springs

There are many things involved when a family decides to adopt. Whether single or with a partner, Colorado law requires proof of many things and monitors to insure children are adopted into safe, healthy environments. Some adoption lawyers in Colorado Springs do not feel it necessary to explain what is required in detail, taking whatever time is necessary.  The step-by-step process and particular requirements of our state and the unique circumstances of each adoption must be followed for the process to flow smoothly. 

While arranging a private adoption is possible, Colorado has strict regulations about what costs may be paid and the time frames to follow to protect the interests of all parties involved. As well, Colorado is an “agency state”, meaning a private or county agency that places children must be involved with any adoption in the state. That includes those where an intermediary party may help facilitate the adoption, such as an attending physician. Agency costs, agreements or contracts, and paperwork are not consistent between agencies. It is strongly recommended that all the documents are examined by a qualified adoption lawyer very familiar with current, up-to-date Colorado law.

The first step in a successful adoption is to prepare – know what kind of adoption is desired, research and choose an agency, and be prepared for the costs involved. As leading adoption lawyers in Colorado, Family Lawyers Colorado Springs know the laws, the differences between in-state, out-of-state, special needs, foster to permanent, and international adoptions.  Each carries its own time frames, background checks, home studies, and post placement monitoring required as part of the process. To successfully navigate the many requirements and myriad of paperwork it is highly advisable to hire a thorough, compassionate law firm specializing in adoptions to assure that the agency, the birth, and adoptive parents have all things in order in the most sensitive, complete manner possible to prevent any issues arising later.

Colorado Stepparent Adoption

One of the most common forms of adoption in Colorado is stepparent adoption. This usually involves the non-custodial birth parent relinquishing their parental rights, so a stepparent (or second parent in cases of same sex couples) can legally adopt a stepchild and assume all responsibilities as a legal parent to that child. Colorado has a more streamlined process than regular adoption, with full protections for the child and custodial parent in the process. Blending families is a challenge.  A stepparent adoption in Colorado Springs should not add to that challenge, instead, it should assure all parties that the child’s best interest comes first.

Family Lawyers Colorado Springs has special compassion for children who desperately need a forever home. These may include older children, those of particular races or ethnicities, or special needs or the genetic disposition to face those needs in the future. Sometimes those children are in the foster care system, and their foster family truly wants them to become permanent members as their own. Our firm has a solid knowledge of special programs and expedited processes that help make these high needs adoptions happen. Contact us for a free consultation about how your open arms and hearts can provide a forever-home full of love for these special kids.

Hire a law firm that knows how to make every adoption a thing of joy – Family Lawyers Colorado Springs.