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There is no more tragic happening than watching children be torn apart as pawns in a child custody battle between divorcing parents. We at Family Lawyers Colorado Springs work very hard to make sure that no child in any case we handle hopefully ever has to feel that pain.

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When looking to hire child custody lawyers in Colorado, new clients should be prepared to ask questions.  One is how many cases for child custody in Colorado Springs and El Paso County do you handle? What have been the results?  Another would be to ascertain any leanings the attorney exhibits (which they should not) regarding joint, shared, or sole custody or family particulars. Will they take the feelings of the child into consideration? What documentation do I need to provide as the procedure moves forward? A good working relationship based on knowledge and facts go a long way to negotiating a sound agreement for parental responsibilities.

Colorado child custody laws change, with some regularity. Patricia Perello stays on top of legal and regulatory updates. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, meaning there are no stated grounds for divorce. Particulars affecting the health and well being of the child(ren) may need to be spelled out and in compliance with Colorado law in detail because of that. Holidays, visitation schedules, tax deductions, all are topics that unless stated in the parental responsibilities agreement are non-enforceable in Colorado. This includes child support and a parent being able to keep a child that just came for a visit, not allowing them to return home. Taking a child out of state also falls under Colorado statues, depending on the type of agreement reached between the two parents. Never leave the whereabouts of your child in question due to a child custody attorney in Colorado Springs that does not know to take care of specifics.

Child support is often a challenge to establish and implement in a fair and reliable manner. Family Lawyers Colorado Springs knows that thorough, accurate research is necessary to achieve a good, solid, enforceable agreement. Often support hearings are done in a hurry, with limitations on what can be presented for evidence for or against a support claim. We do not get railroaded easily. Child support lawyers in Colorado Springs should be looking out not only for your interests, but what is best for the child involved.  Many times support decisions are too closely tied to emotions involved in what led up to the divorce, instead of what is best for the care and health

Colorado Child Custody laws

Some child custody cases involve special or different circumstances. It may be a child with special needs, or dealing with a negligent or absent parent, or one with emotional or addiction issues that simply do not provide a safe, caregiving environment for the child. Occasionally the reverse is true, when a parent has very limited contact with the child, but make some minimal effort. Colorado law is protective of parental rights. We understand and know how to handle each of those examples and many more from our years specializing in Family Law.

One circumstance that is prevalent in our region is for child custody that has to be determined when one, or both, parents are active duty military. Duty assignments, deployments, and even labeling on the FES, the military answer to a pay stub, can affect viability in divorce and custody matters. While residency plays a key role, the judge will determine what is the best and most stable, healthy environment for the child. If both parents are active duty, usually a compromise will be worked out for legal custody and shared visitation and living arrangements.

If you have circumstances that make you unsure of your rights, or pose a need for a highly skilled child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs, contact Family Lawyers Colorado Springs. We know that most child custody cases pose challenges, and we also know that parents have both rights and responsibilities regarding those children. We leave no stones unturned in making sure that all parties are treated fairly, the facts presented in a transparent manner, and the law is respected.

Family Lawyers Colorado Springs. When the most precious thing in your world needs protected, and your rights as a parent need protected, too. We will make sure of it.