Child Support Lawyers In Colorado Springs

Child support can be one of the easiest, or most painful, issues after a divorce when children are involved and parental responsibilities must be split. When you look for a child support attorney in Colorado Springs, you need one that has your and the child’s best interests in mind. Family Lawyers Colorado Springs should be the firm you call first.

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Many El Paso County child support lawyers are generalists and “do it all” – and sometimes, that works. Often it does not. When you need a solid, enforceable child support agreement negotiated and presented before the court and finalized as a court order, you need an experienced lawyer who knows the state statutes, case law, and understands how the child custody calculations are done in Colorado. In our region, this includes understanding the nuances of military pay and benefits that are calculated into a final support agreement.  Attorneys who specializes in Family Law like Family Lawyers Colorado Springs work daily with the family courts and knows what is required to prove your case and get an equitable agreement approved by the court. 

Many in Colorado do not realize that by state law, unless you have a signed child support agreement that has been approved by the court, child support is not enforceable. Verbal or private signed agreements will not stand. A court ordered agreement has to be fair, taking into account accurate gross income levels for all parties, number of nights of visitation, special circumstances agreed to by the custodial parents such as private school tuition and health insurance coverage as part of the court order, and other expenses and custody agreements.

El Paso County Child Support Attorneys

Child support is a serious matter. Good child support lawyers in Colorado Springs know to look beyond the minimal paperwork many defendants turn over for evidence. Tax filings, wage statements, and credit searches may be necessary to gain a thorough picture of what a fair agreement should consist of, or to defend a child support request that is not realistic. Others do not know that if military personnel are involved that yes, a garnishment can be done for outstanding child support. Only an experienced firm like Family Lawyers Colorado Springs knows how and where to search out the information needed to gain or defend a child support agreement that is fair to all parties and in the best interest of the child(ren).

As leading El Paso County child support attorneys, we know that child support enforcement can be a challenge. It can also present many difficulties for the non-complying party.  Colorado has a statute of limitation of 10 years for back support, but only if enforcement was done through the courts. Wage garnishments, federal tax refund and lottery winnings, attachments, credit bureau reports, and felony charges with jail time are only a few of the means the Colorado court system takes to deal with non-compliance of child support agreements. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law over your parental responsibilities towards your kids.  Seek help either getting enforcement, or dealing with enforcement, of court ordered child support with a family law firm that understands.

Hire the best child support lawyers Colorado Springs has – Family Lawyers Colorado Springs.