“I Miss My Grandkids!” – Grandparent Visitation Rights in Colorado

Colorado believes the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” has some merit, especially when it comes to grandparents. Too often and in too many states grandparents are up a creek when it comes to being able to guarantee they can see their grandchildren when their sons or daughters get divorced. Colorado knows that, and has done something about it.

Believing that grandparents play an integral role in the life and development of children, Colorado has law on the books (C.R.S. §19-1-117), which allows grandparents to petition the court to establish regular visitation with their grandchildren. This applies to those living with custodial parents as well as those under care of someone else, usually a court appointed guardian. Grandparents have the right to ask for visitation, but the court decides if it is granted or not, it is not automatic.

This statute also takes into consideration that on occasion it is in the best interest of the minor child(ren) that grandparents be considered to receive partial or full custody of those children. This is most often when children have been removed by law enforcement from a home, or they have been providing extended parental care for those children for six months or more. This provides the grandparents the rights and responsibilities with legal coverage in those cases.

Grandparent rights are one area it is highly advisable to hire a good Family Law attorney with experience in handling these kind of cases. It is especially true when the parent of the child looses custody of that child, as it can nullify the rights of the grandparent to visitation. Each case is a little different, and emotional. Patricia Perello in Colorado Springs has a lot of experience in handling Family Law matters like Grandparent Visitation Rights, and her first consultation is free. I would suggest contacting her, or another highly qualified Family Law attorney, to find out where you stand.