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When listing the top causes of stress and emotional challenge in our country, divorce is always in the top ten. Ripping the very fabric of the family, an institution held sacred in whatever unique form it might take, all divorces are emotional, challenging, often much more involved than expected, and usually expensive for one or both parties.

They do not have to be all those things.

When things escalate to the point you need to locate the best divorce lawyers, we know family law, we know the issues that affect divorce such as child custody and support. We understand military divorce due to our unique community makeup. Don’t trust a sensitive, life changing legal matter to just any divorce lawyer Colorado has listed. Trust a local firm that is part of the community and understands relationship is key to a successful proceeding, Family Lawyers Colorado Springs.

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Military Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

A big consideration for many people dealing with a divorce is price. There are attorneys who advertise as “cheap divorce lawyers Colorado Springs”.  Don’t be fooled by lead-ons that do not discuss filing fees, copy fees, service fees, and other fees that can really add up. We believe that setting the bar for economical starts by offering our divorce lawyers Colorado Springs free consultations. We will tell you the process, the prices, what to expect at the hearings, and everything you need to be informed of going through during this challenging time.  We believe an informed client is one who has less stress and feels like the Family Law firm representing them truly has their best interest in mind.

Divorce attorneys in Colorado will tell you that Colorado is a little unique in its dissolution law, as divorce is called here. First, Colorado is what is referred to as a no-fault state. That means there are no grounds that are stated for a divorce beyond that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”.  Colorado believes in fair and equitable division of property and assets through dissolution. That is why as soon as a request for dissolution is entered, a temporary injunction is placed on both parties to maintain the peace, not squander, destroy, or hide assets, and to not harass or cause issue for the other party, including at their place of employment.  If there are children involved, Colorado leads the nation in fair and equitable application of parental responsibilities for both parties.

Divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO should also advise you that Colorado also has some very stringent domestic violence laws that cover well more than physical contact and harm. You do not want to get in a shouting match and punch the refrigerator in Colorado during a divorce proceeding. You will find yourself under mandatory arrest, with a restraining order against you, neither of which can be dropped if you apologize and make up. Colorado takes a serious stand on helping the legal contract of marriage be dissolved much like a business contract, in a civil and just manner.

Happen to be in the military or connected to one of our fine local institutions? Look no farther than Family Lawyers Colorado Springs should you need a military divorce. We are considered the best military divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs.  Military personnel have unique circumstances and issues when filing for divorce, especially regarding residency proof, child custody issues, and division of assets after financial disclosures occur. Couples are required to work out agreements for assets, division of property, and child custody in Colorado that are then presented to the court. This can prove challenging when one or more parties is active duty, with deployment and permanent duty station always being tantamount. Benefits are included in salary calculations for dissolution proceedings in Colorado.  The court takes a careful look at which parent can provide the best, most stable long term environment for the youngster. Should both parents be active duty, a legal custody agreement will be reached with shared visitation and living arrangements, again in the best interest of the child.

cheap divorce Colorado Springs

Divorce in Colorado with a child brings a new group of challenges that need to be deal with fairly and equitably by Colorado law.  Judges require parental responsibilities to be divided as fairly as possible in Colorado. That means both parents, equally. The judge will require the parties to work out a custody agreement for presentation to the court, which will include living arrangements, who pays what, visitation schedules, special circumstances, and any other situations that require spelling out to avoid issues and confusion. The judge will make it clear that the child(ren) must be made available to both parents, as Colorado believes both parents are important for the rearing of well balanced citizens. Once the agreement is worked out, it is presented to the judge for approval and if approved, it is entered as a court order.

A similar process takes place for child support in Colorado. Since the temporary injunction is in place, the judge will expect full transparency on the part of both parties regarding assets, financial obligations and debt, retirement accounts, and other things of value. Colorado allows any assets held at marriage to remain the property of the holder at the time of marriage, and most inheritance is not divisible under Colorado law. Retirement accounts, pensions, and benefits, though, usually are. That is why many choose a legal separation filed with the court rather than a full dissolution, as it is more financially sound for one or both parties, especially if children are involved.  The challenge of division of assets is a prime example of why a good divorce attorney should advise you what needs disclosed, and how to go about the division, as too often people miss things that cause problems later.

Because divorce in Colorado is no fault, some feel that just getting a cheap divorce in Colorado Springs will do.  A cheap divorce attorney in Colorado Springs sometimes works, but Perelo-Fjeld feels that it most likely is not in your best interest. Divorce rarely is a simple cut and dried situation. For one thing, most divorces in Colorado Springs, CO, or El Paso County require one, two, or more hearings before the Family Law judge handling the case.  There are specific time frames that responses have to be entered, documents turned over, and filings made. A cheap attorney may well handle the big items, and expect you to do a lot of the legwork at the courthouse, from dropping off filings to paying fees. They may not even show up at the hearing, leaving you to fend for yourself. Few people can take time off work or away from childcare to do that kind of running, let alone know for sure where and how to do what needs done or said. A simple delay or misspeak can cost a lot of time and money later in the proceeding, if not derail it entirely. It simply is not worth the bottom of the barrel price.

Colorado Divorce Lawyers Free Consultation

That is why Family Lawyers Colorado Springs believes that Colorado divorce lawyers free consultations are important. People are facing enough expense relocating to split households, buying another vehicle, arranging for childcare, so many other things, in a divorce. A free consultation, which we offer to all new clients, lets you know not only what your choices are for proceeding with a legal separation or divorce, and how the procedures work, to an outline of costs involved. We believe transparency is good for a strong, trusting relationship between a divorce lawyer in Colorado and their client.

Family Lawyers Colorado Springs are the best local divorce lawyers Colorado Springs, CO has to offer. One reason is we are local. We live here. We know the community, the court system, and the exact needs of Colorado law. We also recognize that divorce can be a challenge not just in the family, but the community as well, especially one like ours. We are sensitive to those social issues and know that you, and your family, are going through what is a difficult set of changes and dynamics that affect who goes to the parent teacher conference and if you both stay on the bowling league. That is why we work so hard to make the requirements, the hearings, the sit-down-and-work-through-it-to-agreement meetings, as fair and civil as possible.  We know that in a regional, tight knit community, we all come into contact, often. We know that your kids may be in the same school as the new stepparents kids. It is important to us to make every effort to make the entire process of divorce as painless, well organized, and smooth as possible for all parties concerned. That is what is good for you, good for your children, and good for the community. It is a Colorado thing, looking out for our neighbors, and their children.

When you are facing divorce Colorado Springs has an experienced team of Family Law attorneys at Family Lawyers Colorado Springs waiting to provide a free, no obligation consultation to help you look at what needs done. Divorce of all events requires you establish a strong working relationship with a law firm you are comfortable with and feel has your best interest at heart. We are there to do everything we can to make this a successful, less stressful life transition for you, your children and family. We promise. Hire a divorce attorney who cares.  Family Lawyers Colorado Springs.

The Experience You Want On Your Side

Family Lawyers Colorado Springs have the experience and resources you need to be confident in your representation. In adoption cases, attention to detail can be pivotal to the outcome, so you can be assured that no stone will go unturned. For couples or individuals looking to adopt, the first step is asking questions.

We extend the invitation to contact Family Lawyers Colorado Springs to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to help you understand both your rights and responsibilities as a prospective adoptive parent.

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