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Often when we are in court handling a case for a Colorado Springs area client, we overhear cases being tried by attorneys that do not work heavily in family law. That often leads to listening in on what amounts to disproportionate or unfair child custody, visitation, and other decisions rendered that appear to lean on gender bias rather than the best decision for the child. Often this is due to the father appearing without an attorney, or one prepared to defend his parental rights.

Kids need a good dad, and it is sad when a good one is limited or removed from helping grow his children up right.

Colorado fathers rights are an painful, pain filled issue, as they are in most every state. That is why a solid fathers rights attorney, Colorado law knowledgeable, is critical for your fathers rights in Colorado to be honored and granted. It is especially important in an area like Colorado Springs, where rural life, tradition, opinion and wealth tend to shift decisions that often should not be changed from equal parental rights as per Colorado law.

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Fathers Rights Attorneys Colorado

Custody and child support in particular are areas of fathers rights in Colorado Springs that need a family law practice well versed in how to protect the dad in the legal separation or divorce when children are involved. Too often courts lean to old-fashioned thinking of domestic care when it comes to the kids, instead of today’s mixed families and changed earning roles. The decision to forcefully eliminate much of the contact a father has with his children by court orders, not taking into account his efforts to be a good, attentive, involved father to his children, is simply wrong. Family Lawyers Colorado Springs knows that it happens too often and we do everything we can to assist dads in getting their parental rights taken into account so proceedings render decisions in the best interest of the child involved.

Fathers Rights Colorado

Many going through divorce or custody issues do not realize that Colorado law is very supportive of fathers rights. Fathers are entitled to equal time and equal relationships with their children. The state is progressive in this regard and has implemented laws to protect fathers rights from discriminatory decisions and compliance. And, fathers rights extend to fathers seeking recognition of paternity for a child. There are particular rules and processes in place in Colorado to insure that all fathers have equal access to their children and are given the chance to provide nurturing care and the opportunity to help raise the children in a strong, positive relationship with both parents in their lives.

Whether you are trying to establish your parental rights during a custody decision due to legal separation or divorce, or child support that is fair to the child involved, or you already have a custody order that is not being honored and you are not being allowed the time and place to see your children, contact the Family Law firm of Patricia Perello. We are leading father rights attorneys in Colorado and we take your rights as a parent very seriously.

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Family Lawyers Colorado Springs have the experience and resources you need to be confident in your representation. In adoption cases, attention to detail can be pivotal to the outcome, so you can be assured that no stone will go unturned. For couples or individuals looking to adopt, the first step is asking questions.

We extend the invitation to contact Family Lawyers Colorado Springs to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to help you understand both your rights and responsibilities as a prospective adoptive parent.

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