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Life can be challenging at times, and living with a serious, long-term or life threatening illness or injury can make it even harder. Thankfully in America we recognize there are times when people need help when they cannot help needing it, and our laws are there to protect them. It helps they can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI).

SSDI is for individuals that due to injuries, illness, or health conditions find they can not continue working and need to request Social Security benefits before their eligible age for retirement. Benefits are determined by work history and federal and state guidelines. You must have been disabled for at least five months prior to application, and have a prognosis of the disability or illness continuing for at least one year.  Much like regular Social Security, the eligibility is based on accrual of enough “work credits periods” although some exceptions occur. It is important to understand that Social Security and SSDI are different programs, and a social security lawyer in Colorado Springs may not know what all is required in a disability procedure.

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Social Security Disability Attorney Colorado Springs

The application process for SSDI is lengthy, often taking 360 days just to get the paperwork processed in Colorado.  The overall process is time consuming, detailed, picky, and often frustrating. While Colorado has a good record for accuracy in handling cases, the system is bogged down due to insufficient staff to handle applications and trying to adapt to a new computer system.  If you have ever had to wade through the system to obtain SSDI, however, or are currently going through the detailed and difficult process and have received a denial, or what you consider an unfair assessment, it is time to seek out a strong, knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney in Colorado Springs.

Disability lawyers in Colorado Springs are not created equal. SSDI claims have very particular needs and deadlines, and only a Social Security Disability lawyer in Colorado Springs who works regularly in that field of specialization will know the nuances necessary to have an appeal go before the ALJ, or Administrative Law Judge. Colorado Springs is home to one of only two hearing regions in the state, with five judges. A good attorney will know exactly what, and how, to present a case with a higher chance of approval to the particular judge assigned to that case. This greatly improves your chance of being part of the 47.3% approval average for the Colorado Springs hearing location.

Family Lawyers Colorado Springs are Social Security Disability Lawyers in Colorado Springs that specialize in Family Law and Disability. We have years of combined expertise to help navigate the convoluted and lengthy process to greatly improve the chance of your disability application being approved.

Only about 32% of the SSDI applications in Colorado are approved the first time they are entered into the system. The first round of appeal is called a Request for Reconsideration. About 19% of those are approved. The remaining appeal is before the ALJ. Once the appeal of denial for application of SSDI benefits goes before this judge, who specializes in disability claims, having a qualified disability attorney prepare and present your case, handle the examination of witnesses, and making sure all the paperwork is completed with the critical documentation accompanying, more than doubles your chance of an approval by the ALJ.

Social Security Attorney Colorado Springs

There are reasons why a Social Security attorney in Colorado Springs has so much better chance of success in a disability benefits hearing. It is in the minutiae, the small things they know from experience. The hearing’s purpose is to see if you really cannot functionally work, and the government’s job through ‘expert testimony’ is to prove you can at some level. A good attorney knows that with artful cross- examination of these vocational experts it remains to be proven their testimony is relevant to job skills you possess that really are transferable to the positions they claim you can fill. A good attorney also can show that the job you held 15 years ago probably is not relevant to what you were doing in your last position. They can also link medical evidence, evaluations, and other data to functionality and long-term prognosis for your health conditions as it relates to employment.

There is too much riding on your SSDI claim to trust it to social security lawyers in Colorado Springs that do not handle disability application and appeals on a regular basis. It is easy for an individual to miss critical, inflexible filing dates for the appeal after a denial. What is the history of any medical examination that was requested by the state? Was your limitation with sitting taken into account when the standing and walking limitation was determined? Are your job skills transferable and applicable in an ever changing, far more technical job environment? Were your job skills even assessed at the correct level?

Experienced social security disability lawyers in Colorado Springs know how to  advise you what needs to be examined, said, or given as statements during the disability application and hearing process. They can help you prepare exact, detailed accounts of your last position’s duties and requirements, information that will be required in the appeal process. They can prove or disprove the relevance of the past work history to your current situation, or the unique issues that might prevent you from returning to the workforce. And if an expert witness in the medical or vocational field is needed, a smart attorney knows the qualifications and temperament best suited to testifying on your behalf before the ALJ.

In the event the ALJ does not rule in your favor, and over half of all requests for benefits are not approved, a lawyer versed in disability claims who has managed your case through the sequence of applications, reconsideration, and hearing will be prepared to present the next level of appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council, and if necessary, federal court.

There are times you just do not have 360 days to wade through the primary process for benefits determination, let alone appeals. Colorado does have expedited decisions for special cases, called a QDD – Quick Determination Decision that can have an answer often within two weeks. While not many cases fit the criteria, a SSDI attorney can review your situation and help expedite the application if you may be eligible. Disabled veterans and those with disabled children are especially encouraged to apply, as those are two special case categories that may fit the review criteria. Some disabled veterans also qualify for a Presumptive Disability decision, helping vets get a speedier response to the help they need.

Don’t hire social security lawyers in Colorado Springs that do not know the ins and outs of the SSDI system, courts, and requirements. Hire the best, Family Lawyers Colorado Springs, for the best chance of a positive outcome in your SSDI application process.

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