Patricia Marie Perello

What Colorado’s Law on Parenting Time Provides You as a Divorced Parent

Colorado is really progressive when it comes to taking a hard look at children’s development and needs, especially when innocent bystanders to adults breaking up. Colorado believes strongly that children too often become disassociated from one parent or the other for various reasons, and that none of those reasons usually are good ones. That is why the State as taken a firm stance on both parental parties sharing responsibilities and time with their minor children.

Parenting Time is what would be called visitation most places. Too often that involves one parent seeing the kids 2 days every other weekend. Colorado does not like that definition. Parenting in Colorado means shared responsibilities and time, and that includes decisions and the rough stuff – making it to soccer practices, arranging to get out of work early to go to the parent-teacher meeting, and being there some evenings to cook dinner, take care of homework and baths, and all the other things that being a parent involves. Colorado knows too many parents have historically done 95% of the work, or more. They are pushing to put a stop to that.

This means that parents who have been left out by vindictive ex’s have also get a break, as Colorado believes that both parents are needed for children to have good development and to become well rounded citizens. While there are always situations where parental responsibilities are suspended in cases of abuse and neglect, Colorado knows most often that balance and equal treatment provides a much more stable environment for the children when both parents are involved in child rearing.

Colorado Family Court will require a written plan that becomes part of the decree regarding parenting time, or visitation. They will also want things that are important, like what happens in the event of a remarriage, a move, or how holidays are divided, to be decided in advance. Things that many emotionally charged parents undergoing a dissolution might not think of include who can pick up the children in an emergency, and who might be allowed temporary safe keeping of the children can also be included. This is where a good Family Law attorney can be invaluable to know what can and cannot be included, and how to protect your parental time rights. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, talk to Patricia Perello. She has a lot of experience, her prices are good (her first consult is free) and she will tell you where you stand and be fair when she does.